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The Company Burger — Could This Be King of New Orleans Burger Joints?

Freret Street has had a resurgence over the years since Hurricane Katrina and now it’s becoming the center of some really quality places. The Company Burger, one of the new New Orleans burger joints, is just such a place providing great burgers at great prices. The burger meat is hormone-free and antibiotic-free perfect for us folks who don’t really relish chomping on glow-in-the-dark beef between a pasty bun.

The Company Burger – New King of New Orleans Burger Joints?

The-Company-Burger- New Orleans Burger Joints

The Company Burger could be the new king of New Orleans burger joints with their antibiotic-free and hormone-free beef.

This is a no-frills place that serves burgers with ALL the frills. You walk in up to a counter, look at their menu and order your burger. The kitchen is right there in front of you out in the open with all the sizzle and hustle and bustle of a typical kitchen.

There amidst it all is Adam Biderman the a tall burly-looking guy who looks more pro wrestler than successful proprietor. But he’s the big guy with the big idea.

I usually order the Company Burger which is two patties of quality beef topped with cheese and whatever else you want to put on it. Last time I got a fried egg which deliciously exploded all over the burger when I bit into it. For vegetarians this place is not.

You get a number and find a table and wait for your name to be called. But before you sit you can walk over to the counter where they have all these condiments and sauces available to slather on and fill your burger. Little cups are provided to put your sauce in and you sit and wait. But not for long. The hot juicy sizzling burger comes fairly quickly. They call your name and you pick it up at the counter. Then you slather it will all the yummy goodness of sauce mayo and whatever else you deem necessary for you own personal burgerlicious delight.

Business seems to be really good here since the times I’ve been in there is pretty dang good crowd, but not so much that you can’t find a seat. You see students, business people, girl groups, guy groups, retired folk all partaking in this great newest addition to the burgeoning Freret Street district.

Located at 4600 Freret Street The Company Burger is a fantastic new addition to our village of great New Orleans burger joints.

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