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The Hubig Pie – New Life for Ubiquitious Traditional New Orleans Food

Hubig's Pies, traditional New Orleans food

Hubig's Pies a traditional New Orleans food is showing up in the strangest places.

Oh my god, can you believe it? The ubiquitous traditional New Orleans food Hubig Pie is showing up everywhere. I mean not only can you find it at the checkout counter at Walgreen’s but almost every hardware store has a rack of these sugary treats.

I remember when I was a kid working downtown as an office boy in my father’s law firm I would eat these everyday for lunch. These things are so good and they’ve been around for decades. And to find them available only a few months after Hurricane Katrina let everyone know that come hell or high water ain’t no storm or nobody gonna take away our beloved traditional New Orleans food.

But now they’re popping up everywhere. You can get ’em twice fried at Bayou Hot Wings. Here are some other places you can find ’em.

The Hubig Pie – New Life for a Traditional New Orleans Food

Here’s where else they’ve been showing up as reported by Gambit.

More recently, they’ve also been turning up in pints of ice cream in grocery freezers. Savory Simon, the portly mascot of Hubig’s Pies, even rides shotgun on the label. Hubig’s Apple Pie is one of the latest in a raft of new flavors from New Orleans Ice Cream Co. (, a five-year-old local company that seems determined to convert every conceivable sweet New Orleans flavor into an ice cream.

The New Orleans Ice Cream Co. was a post-Hurricane Katrina concept, and when developing flavors this company looks to food associations and cooking customs that strike a chord with New Orleanians.

The chunks of Hubig’s apple pie in vanilla provide one new example. Others include brandy milk punch, baked Alaska, lemon doberge cake, peach Melba, cafe au lait and beignets and “satsuma Dreamsicle,” or vanilla ice cream with a citrus streak.

I haven’t had one of these Hubig Pies in years and you know they’re actually made with good ingredients. No high fructose corn sugar, or preservatives or hydrogenated oils. Just simple ingredients like they always use to make them.

Something this good why mess with. This traditional New Orleans food can still make you fat though. So if you’re trying to stay fit eat sparingly. But heck with it all. I’m gonna try one on Saturday, my binge day. Should I fry it and put chocolate sauce all over it? Perhaps. Yum.

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