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The Wild Food and Abundant Altars of St. Joseph in New Orleans – Video

If you ever thought that New Orleans living was a world apart from the rest of humanity then all you have to do is see how we celebrate two Saints this time of year to prove you are right. We got your St. Patrick’s day where we have marching groups and parades when cabbage and veggies enough to make a soup are tossed from floats.

Wild Food and Abundant Altars of St. Joseph in New Orleans

Then followed closely on it’s heels is St Joseph’s day, March 19th, where all over New Orleans churches and homes sponsor elaborate altars chock full of all kinds of artistically designed and edible foodstuffs. These offerings are in honor of St. Joseph who Sicilians believe rescued Italy from a terrible famine.

Days and days and thousands of man/woman hours (I would guess mostly woman) are spent in preparing and setting up these over-the-top culinary tributes.

These alters remain up for many days so the populace can come and pray, gawk and take ganders of the wild and reverent nourishments.

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