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TP Declares Top 10 New Orleans Restaurants 2013

New Orleans food critic Brett Anderson’s got his new list of the best food places in New Orleans. These are the ones he declares “that meet the expectations of fine-dining restaurants in terms of ambition, food quality and service.” These are what would be considered not only some of the finest in New Orleans but also in the country.

TP Declares Top 10 New Orleans Restaurants 2013

Commander's Palace New Orleans

I’m glad to see that Commander’s Palace is on the list as it should and probably always will be. I’ve only eaten at 3 of the 10 and they are all great. And because of that fact I can’t really give my opinion of the overall validity of the list. But, heck, this is New Orleans. We do food here, and we do it right. There are tons of great restaurants with fabulous dishes and fantastic service.

Go to to see the entire list and get a gander at the slide show of some of the more popular dishes. So, if you are comin’ to town or live here, put these on your schedule of places to get your noon and night gnoshing done.

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