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Vertical Planters: An Innovation for New Orleans Gardens

It’s pretty easy to grow things in our New Orleans gardens. In fact, you don’t really have to do anything to have a garden, just sit on the porch and watch the wild things grow. I’ve found things sprouting up here and there that I know I didn’t plant and yet I could go down the block and plunk down a few bucks at the nursery to get a pot of whatever was growing volunteer-style in my yard.

Vertical Planters: An Innovation for New Orleans Gardens

Of course, as any gardener will tell you, it’s a lot easier tending to wild things than growing vegetables and herbs which require a lot more love and care and maybe a little praying. So anything that makes it easier is always welcome.

There seems to be a renaissance in eating locally grown food around the country and New Orleans is no exception. We have our several local farmer’s markets that happen several times a week around the city and now we got the latest technology in growing foods: vertical gardens and may just be the answer to some gardeners’ prayers.

Recently, I was at the restaurant Domenique’s for a function for the New Orleans Eat Local Food Challenge and met up with Kevin Morgan-Rothschild who owns a company that installs these, what he calls, vertifarms around the city. Me being into gardening and all, I was fascinated by this concept. And Kevin showed me a photo of the big installation of these vertical food growers that’s atop the Rouses supermarket downtown.

So I met up with him later and we did this little video of his installation at Domenique’s. His vision is to have New Orleans get all of their salad greens, herbs and such locally and he feels 300 of these vertical garden contraptions would do it, at least, as he says, for Rouses. His company is called Vertifarms and it provides at least one alternative to make growing veggies at lot easier.

You want more info about Vertifarms? You can reach Kevin at 504-656-4538


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