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What Are Some Authentic New Orleans Family Restaurant Ideas?

Many people think that New Orleans is not kid friendly. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not all Bourbon Street and debauchery. Most of the debauching is perpetrated by visitors anyway. Locals pretty much stay away from all that. But there is much about New Orleans that is truly family friendly.

What Are Some Authentic New Orleans Family Restaurant Ideas?

palm court jazz cafe new orleans

Kid-friendly Palm Court Jazz Cafe

Here’s what I found recently on a forum:

We are taking our first double family trip to New Orleans at the end of march. With us will be four kids ages 1,2,3,& 4. My husband loves oysters and I want to try something new, maybe a hole in the wall with a band to get the true experience, but still kid friendly. Can be in the surrounding areas, we will be staying in Kenner at the extended stay hotel. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A hole in the wall place with good food and music? Hm. That’s a tall order. You can find a great hole in the wall place with good food Napoleon House on Chartres Street in the French Quarter would be on the top of my list.

Then there’s Frankie and Johnnie’s uptown off Tchoupitoulas that’s got great New Orleans food and really good prices. For a place that specializes in oysters of course you got Acme Oyster House also in the Quarter.

Now, there is a really great place in the Quarter that has great food and great music.You see any place in the city that serves food even if it has a bar kids are allowed. Fritzels’ European Jazz Club on Bourbon Street used to allow kids because they served food. But they no longer do.

When I called Frtizel’s and asked the guy on the phone he gave me a great idea, though. He said for good food and great music go to the Palm Court. Now the Palm Court Jazz Cafe at 1204 Decatur in the Quarter is no hole in the wall, it’s a nice and a fairly intimate atmosphere but the prices are reasonable and the service is great. They really treat you well here as they do in almost all places in the New Orleans.

Margaritaville on the same street just a few doors down, although not authentic New Orleans, has music and decent food as well and allows kids.

I don’t think you can miss with these suggestions.

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