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What Would Be the Perfect Weekend in New Orleans?

There are as many ideas of a perfect weekend in New Orleans as there are, well, people who live here and people who visit here. For some it would be walking the French Quarter, going to a restaurant or two, taking the streetcar.

For others it would be nonstop partying, drinking and eating and trying to get in as much of that as reasonable in a two or three day period.

What Would Be the Perfect Weekend in New Orleans?

new orleans jacque- imos mural

This mural at Jacques-imo’s restaurant captures the essence of a foodie weekend in New Orleans.

Here’s an article from the Huffington Post by a visitor to our fair city who seems to subscribe to filling the weekend with visiting as many restaurants as possible. It’s instructive to any foodie that wants experience as much of New Orleans cuisine in a limited time.

But there’s another well-known, fundamental truth about New Orleans: it just happens to be, at the same time, one of the best food cities in the United States. Some would call it the best — if the criterion is an indigenous, home-grown cuisine that has a high percentage of local residents deliriously in its thrall.

Happily — very happily — these two currents are far from antagonistic to each other. In fact, they connect perfectly in The Big Easy: if you do it right, dining well in New Orleans is simply a gastronomic extension of the crazy culture exploding all around you.

Although for me a prefect weekend in New Orleans would be a little different I commend this reporter for discovering and writing about the essence of New Orleans food culture in one 3 day visit. Pretty amazing feat.

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