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Where Do You Get Your Classic New Orleans Dishes? – Response

OK. Me, I was readin’ da previous post on dis blog about where ya get your classic New Orleans dishes. Dey had on dere, ya know, some restaurants here and dere, some ah nevah been ta and some well, I just don agree wit, dawlin. You can read da post so can see fa ya’self.

Well, here’s mama’s take on alla dat.

Where Do You Get Your Classic New Orleans Dishes?

Dis gumbo looks like it's got a buncha sticks in it or sumpin. What's wit dat?

Dis gumbo looks like it’s got a buncha sticks in it or sumpin. What’s wit dat?

Swimp and Grits
Foist of all I don’t know where ya get the best swimp and grits cuz it’s like, ya know, it’s swimp and grits. Ya just make up some grits, which believe me ain’t hard if ya read da directions. Me, I like ta put some buttah in dere and ya know, maybe a little cheese or sumpin. Den ya just cook up some swimp and tro it on dere. Anyway, I don’t think this dish is that great anyway, anywhere.

BarBQ Swimp
Well, I tried to make some barbeque swimp once on da grill and dey fell through. Naw, just kiddin’. Anyway, I did put ’em on the grill and put barbeque sauce on dem and well, dey turned out not too good. Den I come to find out dat barbeque swimp ain’t cooked on da barbeque! Imagine dat. No, dey just cooked in barbeque SUACE! Wow. Whodathought? Now, I ain’t had dese neither, really. But I heard dat da best is at Pascal’s Manale over dere on Napoleon. Da best if ya can stand da service which I underestand, well, ain’t dat great. Kinda messy eatin’ ’em anyway. And I hate peeling da swimp. I’d rather have someone else peel ’em fa me like Beulah. Hey like “Beulah, peel me a swimp.”

Da Trio (whatevah dat is)
I don’t know why dey call dis da trio. Anyway, here are mah thoughts on alla dat. Da best place ta get redbeansandrice (notice I made it all one woid) is at Napoleon House. Now do dey have da best redbeansandrice in the city? I don’t know. But dey got good a good dish of it and it’s really cheap and ya can’t beat da ambience, as dey like ta say. Also, I make great redbeansandrice so, does dat count?

Den we talk about ya gumbo. Da best seafood gumbo I ever had was at the New Orleans Country Club. But ya can’t go dere, sorry. Napoleon House has good gumbo too. So dere ya go.

Now, we got your stuffed bell pepper. Don’t know why dis is part of the trio but what da heck. I think Langenstein’s Supermarket got da best stuffed pepper in town. And it don’t cost a arm and a leg and you can eat it at home.

Next we got your …

Fried Swimp Po-Boy or Poorboy or whatever the heck ya wanna call it – dey got a big ridiculous controversy about dat now.
Now, I don’t know about going ta Zara’s or anything like dat. I mean dey got nice stuff, ya know, dere. But fa my money I think da best place to get yaself a good fried swimp po-boy is at Adam’s Street Grocery in da Carrollton section. Is it da best in da city? Don’t know, but it’s good and heck probably cheaper den you can get it anywhere else. And ya don’t hafta wait fah-evah in any kinda line.

Fish Meuniere
I hope I spelt dat right. Sometimes, me, I’m afraid I pronounce it like “manure” or sumpin. Not sure. Anyway, guess what, I nevah eveh eaten at dat fancy shmancy Upperline place like dey say in dat awticle. So I don’t know about what dey got dere. But I do know dat the New Orleans Country Club got a good one. But ya can’t go dere,  babe, sorry. Well, neither can I unless I get invited. But I think Galatoire’s got da best in da city. And I know dat fa a fact cuz I been dere and eaten it many times.

So da fact is dat pretty much anywhere you get dese dishes ya can’t go wrong cuz our food is just so good anyway whereevah ya go provided ya stick to locally run restaurants and not dose places dat are like some chain or sumpin dat make ya wanna think dey serve authenticulated New Orleans food which dey don’t.

Dat’s all what I think, anyway.

Mama Tujaque is a local expoit on everything New Orleans and writes occasionally fa dis blog.

Hey leave a COMMENT wouldja. Mama wants ta know what ya think.

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