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Where Is the Best Po’ boy In New Orleans?

You know New Orleans is famous for po’boys. In fact, this is where they originated and if you want an authentic one you get ’em here in this city. Any place else you get a po’ boy just ain’t a po’boy because you are not eating it here in the city. And that is just a fact. But who’s got the best New Orleans po’ boy?

Where do you get the best po’ boy in New Orleans?

New Orleans Shrimp po boy

The ubiquitous shrimp po’ boy. Where do you get the best po’ boy in New Orleans?

So is it po’boy or poor boy? There is some controversy over it but heck whatever you call it it’s still the same sandwich.

Now it may look like a sub sandwich, you know one of those things you can get at Subway or Quiznos, but the thing with a New Orleans po’ boy is the bread.

It has to be French bread, and not just any French bread. It has to be New Orleans French bread.

Why? Because our French bread has a crispy crust with a nice soft inner center.

Now where is the best place to get one? The answer depends on where you are in the city and what you like. That’s like saying ‘where do you get the best gumbo?’

So here are my recommends for the four best places to get a great po’boy based on nothing more than my own likes and dislikes.

If you are down in the French Quarter just head on over to Napoleon House. They have great po’boys at great prices and you can’t beat the ambience, the old world, slightly elegant rustic surroundings.

If you are in Mid City well, there’s the Parkway Tavern, the place where I hear Obama had to wait in line to get his po’boy.

Uptown you can’t beat Domilise’s. In fact, their shrimp poor boy is in the running for best sandwich in America. Expect a line though. It’s crowded inside this tiny place and you can sit at the bar and have a beer.

If you are in the Carrollton area near Riverbend you can get what I think are some of the best made and best priced poor boys in the city at Adams St. Grocery. No place to sit, just pick up your sandwiches to go. This is our go-to place when we want to nab sandwiches for a sail on the lake, for sneaking into a festival or hauling in a backpack for a Mardi Gras parade.

Of course, there are tons of places all over town that really do a decent po’boy. I mean if you got the right bread and the right ingredients it’s hard to mess one of these up. The differences a lot of times are how the shrimp or the oysters are cooked it you are getting one of those kinds of sandwiches.

Really few things can beat a New Orleans po’ boy for price and flavor. And the best po’boys in New Orleans?   You can’t get ’em anywhere else but here, cher.


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