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Are All New Orleans Residents Finally Done With Hunkering After Hurricane Isaac?

Yeah, we here in New Orleans learned a lot during Hurricane Isaac about hunkering, something the news media and government officials constantly told us to do. We did a veritable hurricane of hunkering. Yeah, you right, we know all bout that, cher.

Finally the last victim of the hurricane, a Dennis Bouvier, is done with his hunkering.

Last New Orleans Resident Finally Done With Hunkering

new orleans hurricane isaac done hunkering

Last New Orleans resident finally done hunkering after Hurricane Isaac.

As reported in the New Orleans Levee :

“I really don’t know what the hell that means?” the frustrated and admittedly “a little embarrassed” 52-year-old Bouvier said. “Can I move from the corner? Can I go outside? Can I go near a window? They all said listen to the official warnings, well, I did.”

On Sept. 10, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced that further hunkering by residents was “no longer necessary and, in fact, is counterproductive at this point.” Most city residents’ power had been restored by then, and people were in the midst of or had begun cleaning up in earnest.

“I heard that on my little radio and I almost came out of the attic of my home, which I had begun calling my hunker-bunker because I think I was going a little mad, but then I heard on the radio that parts of Isaac had broken off from the main system and were heading back to the Gulf – and that was almost two weeks after the storm – so I ran back to my corner and hunkered back down,” Bouvier said. “By then, I had gotten pretty good at what I thought hunkering was. I definitely know what hunger is, though.”

I think New Orleanians are all experts at hunkering by now. But for those poor unfortunate souls in other parts of the country who have no idea of the how and why of hunkering Notes on New Orleans is considering offering an online course Hunkering 101. Stay tuned.

Leave a Comment. What do you think about hunkering and all that entails?

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