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Astounding Video Shows the Flooding of New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

In August will be the tenth year anniversary of the flooding of New Orleans caused by weak and improperly designed and built floodwalls after Hurricane Katrina. This video shows exactly how it happened.

Astounding Video Shows the Flooding of New Orleans After Katrina

This video is from Harry Shearer, the actor and voice of many of the Simpsons characters, who is a part time resident of New Orleans. Several years ago he made The Big Uneasy, a documentary about how the city was flooded.

One popular misconception is that the flooding of New Orleans was caused by Hurricane Katrina. It was not. It was caused by the incompetence of the federal government by way of the US Army Corps of Engineers who built our modern levee protection system. I’ve written about this repeatedly in this blog.

It is important that others around the country know what caused the flooding of our fair city: waste, incompetence, corruption and negligence from the mind and hands of the Corps of Engineers. Millions upon millions of dollars were spent to build these supposedly modern structures. And billions of dollars have been spent to supposedly rectify their mistakes.

You can ask most people who live here if they feel safer. I would bet that a majority of them would say no. We have the illusion of safety with these massive projects that they’ve built. But how can you really trust an organization that built some of the pre-Katrina flood walls out of sand. I mean really – sand?

If you live in another part of the country why is this important to you? Because the Corps has hundreds of projects all over the nation and you just may be supposedly “protected” by one of them.

It’s just an opportunity to be aware and stay vigilant. Does the federal government really have your best interests at heart?

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