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Brian Williams Lying About Chopper Incident Calls Into Question His Reporting in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

Seems that famous and respected NBC news anchor Brain Williams probably created some ‘false truths” during his Hurricane Katrina reporting in New Orleans.

I mean, does anybody still really think the news media tells the real objective truth? If you have ever been involved in any kind of story whether you are one of the main characters or just on the periphery, you know the media likes to have its way with the truth.

Brian Williams Lying About Chopper Incident Calls Into Question His Reporting in New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina Aftermath

Even if the story is one of those positive human interest stories the media wants to tell it their way so they can sell it. They will either leave out facts or add facts or twist the facts around so it will make an interesting story.

I’ve been involved a few times on the periphery of stories covered by the media. I was either involved in a group that made the headlines or knew some of the characters in the main story, and knew the truth well enough to know that the media was manipulating the facts for their own agenda.

Having seen how the media operates I realized that you can’t always believe what’s printed in the paper or what’s on the radio or TV. In fact, my rule of thumb is to assume that what I read or hear in the news is maybe 50% correct. The rest has been purposely fabricated in some way.

And now we have Brian Williams, a respected newsman, coming forth to say that he lied, I mean bald-faced lied about an incident in which he claimed he was in a chopper that got shot down. And recounting the story with such power and emotion that no one would suspect that it was an out and out lie. I mean, how could somebody lie like that?

And what exactly is to be gained by lying straight-faced about that? I mean, there were other people with him. Did he not think they would come forward and tell the truth about what actually happened? Which, years afterward, is eventually what they did. Amazing.

Now with such a stupid and unnecessary lie (at least for some reason he thought it was necessary) he mars forever his credibility. If he could lie about something like this – this is not just a little fib, this is a huge lie – what else did he lie about? Also, if he thought he could get away with this kind of lie then what does it say about the culture of news that he plays a major role in as anchor? How many others of his kind feel it’s OK to lie too?

And now let’s turn to Hurricane Katrina. He pretty much made a name for himself down here with his reporting of the aftermath of the storm. How much of what he said about what was going on here is a lie as well?

One glaring example is when he said he looked out his window and saw a body floating in the French Quarter. Now I’m pretty sure he had been to the city before and knew where the confines of the Quarter were, so it would be hard to make a mistake like that and say he saw a body floating in the Quarter.

Well, here’s the deal, there was no flooding in the Quarter. Yep, nothing. Why? All of the older parts of the city, where it was originally built saw no flooding. Why? Because those parts are either at or above sea level. It was the places, the newer parts of the city, the parts that used to be swampland that got flooded.

Maybe he saw a body floating in the pool of his hotel or in a fountain or maybe it was in his bathtub. But, no, that’s not what he said.

How much of a disservice did the news media do the recovery of the city by lying or manipulating the truth so they could report a “good” story? If Brian Williams could lie about this what else did he say about the city in those days after Katrina that was not true? What else did other reporters say that were blown up way out of proportion.

How much of media lying hindered the efforts to get help to the people in the Convention Center and at the Superdome?

There were truckers that were driving into the area to bring water and supplies into the city but stopped at the outskirts. Why? Because, as reported, they were afraid to drive into the city due to news of sniper fire. Over and over again the news media reported stories of sniper fire.

These truckers would be damned if they were going to drive their trucks full of supplies into the city and risk getting shot. It took some good samaritans loading up there own little trucks with supplies and drive them to the Convention Center to help these poor suffering souls.

How much did Brian Williams and people like him contribute to these people not getting the help they needed because all they cared about was making up stories of a lawless city to make themselves look good?

Remember the video of the looting on Canal Street? This video was played over and over and over again for days. Which made you think that this was continuing to happen over and over again for days.

So what should happen to Mr. Williams? He probably should be fired from his position as national news anchor. Maybe he could write books, but not history books or memoirs or anything like that. He is more suited to writing fiction since he seems to be so good at making up stories.

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