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Hurricane Katrina Levee Breaches: Now You Can Take A Virtual Tour

Ever wonder just where the heck the Hurricane Katrina levee breaches occurred in New Orleans following the storm? Well, wonder no more. Yep, you can take a virtual tour of the Hurricane Katrina levee breaches on your computer or through a smart phone app.

Hurricane Katrina Levee Breaches Virtual Tour

New_Orleans_Levee Breaches-MAP

Was the New Orleans levee breaches natural or man-made? Take a virtual tour and find out.

Most folks aren’t familiar with where the water came from that inundated the city in August 2005.

This story from KEEL radio gives the lowdown:

“People both here and from outside New Orleans have a natural desire to see the levee breaches and the affected neighborhoods,” says Sandy Rosenthal, founder of “What better way than a virtual mobile tour?”

The tour is accessible for free on, a new platform for sharing stories about New Orleans. The project is being developed collaboratively by the University of New Orleans History Department and the Tulane University Communication Department.

“I especially like how different groups and institutions are coming together to create a cutting edge tool for exploring the city’s history,” says Michael Mizell-Nelson, Project Director at UNO. “Both residents and visitors can now access important components of New Orleans history.”

To take a tour, one simply downloads the free app to an Apple or Android Smart phone or mobile device. The tours can also be enjoyed on the web.

“Being able to work with to provide a 21st century version of a public historic plaque is another wonderful use of the new technology,” says Dr. Mizell-Nelson. “This is especially true since the Army Corps of Engineers is using its influence to delay’s application to list the breach sites to the National Register of Historic Places.”

The National Urban League will be the first major organization to use the new app when it hosts a bus tour during its annual conference in New Orleans, July 25-28. The smartphone-enhanced tour will allow participants to experience the breach sites as a group while also engaging with the interpretive materials at their own pace.

To view the tour on the Internet go to:

To download the app, follow the links provided for both Android and Apple mobile devices on the main page:

It’s important folks around the country and around the world really understand what happened in the aftermath of Katrina, that the flooding was not the result of a natural disaster but the result of bad judgment, poor engineering and construction by an organization that’s designated to protect American citizens from this type of disaster, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This new virtual tour will help people discover whether the Hurricane Katrina levee breaches was natural disaster or man-made.

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