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Johnny Horton’s Battle of New Orleans Song Makes New Orleans History Fun

Who woulda thunk the Battle of New Orleans could be fun? Well, heck way back in the 1950s Johnny Horton thought so. So he wrote a great song that most folks have never heard. It was popular back then though. The Battle of New Orleans was also covered by none other than Johnny Cash. But in this video I thought I’d let the original singer, ole Johnny, do the honors.


Now I wanna say something that needs said. Some folk would have you believe that this battle, fought and won after the Treaty of Ghent, was unnecessary. Well, guess what, it was.

The treaty had not been ratified at that time. What do you think woulda happened had the British won? They would have taken the city and would not have abided by the treaty. But before that, as he had promised, General Andrew Jackson would have burned the city to the ground to prevent the Brits from claiming it.

So around these parts we know the truth about our New Orleans history: the Battle of New Orleans was necessary.

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