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New Orleans: All Eyes on Hurricane Isaac

Isaac. What a good Jewish name for a hurricane. So Hurricane Isaac. After so many days lying in wait out in the Caribbean and threatening the Republican convention it’s finally decided to coalesce, finally decided to get it’s act together and call itself a hurricane.

And, yes, it is kind of strange that it’s going to hit on August 29, exactly 7 years since Hurricane Katrina. As I write this it’s 4:30 pm Tuesday August 28, 2012.

In New Orleans All Eyes are on Hurricane Isaac

hurricane isaac new orleans

New Orleans is prepared for the onslaught of Huricane Issac a Cat 1 storm that will bring wind and lots of rain to southeast Louisiana.

People were saying where you gonna go, what ya gonna do? Well, I got my mom who is 98, a spry 98 let me tell you, and to evacuate?

Well, it’s harder on her to get all kinds of stuff together, get in a car and travel several hours to who knows where and then wait it out.

After what happened to us in 2008 for Hurricane Gustav we decided we’d never evacuate again.

Yeah, we had traveled up to Baton Rouge to stay with some friends because ole Gustav was barreling our way. And wouldn’t you know it, Baton Rouge got hit smack dab with that thing.

Our friend’s home lost power and we were stuck for three frigging days with no air conditioning. Meanwhile every hour or so during and after the storm I was calling our home in New Orleans and the answering machine kept picking up. Meaning, we had electricity. Hoo boy.

So while we were stuck in Baton Rouge, yes, stuck because the streets were a mess, the power was on in New Orleans and we coulda been sitting in the air conditioning and watching TV. But noooooooo……..

We did though enjoy staying with our friends, though. We did what most people do during and after a hurricane when really there is nothing much else to do. We drank. And ate. And talked.

They had a huge RV so around about evening we’d go sit in the air conditioning and watch hurricane television. We did that every evening until we were able to make it outta Baton Rouge and back home to our nice electricity filled domicile in uptown New Orleans.

Since Hurricane Gustav I bought this really great gasoline powered Honda 2000i generator that will run the fridge, the TV, some lights and a fan or two. So if the power goes out? No worries, we got it covered. We got both cars full of gas so if I run out of the gas I got in storage I can just siphon some out of the automobile tanks. Easy peasy.

Kinda hoping that we lose power maybe for a little bit just so I can see how the generator handles it all. It’s kind of different, you know. Hurricanes throw your whole routine off and you have to make do with with flashlights and oil lamps and such. Kinda makes things interesting and challenging.

Earlier today I went to Roberts Supermarket to get a few items. I passed by the beer cooler and it was almost totally empty. In fact, it was the only shelf that looked like it had been raided. I chuckled to myself. Yep, people here in New Orleans really do know how to stock up on what’s important when it comes to a hurricane. Alcohol. In fact, our little fridge in the back is stocked with beer. Gotta be prepared, you know.

Right now as I write this the wind is really blowing as we wait for this hurricane to come ashore. Apparently, it’s going to hang around, cause lost of wind, rain a lot and cause some flooding in the low lying areas. We don’t have to worry about all that since we are high and dry just a few blocks from the Mississippi River.

So I got everything battened down, all the plants sheltered, the generator ready to go with the extension cords all at hand and a few shutters closed. A little while ago I went in and asked my mom, “So why are we closing the shutters?” She said, “Why bother, you really don’t need to.” So I didn’t.

So that’s one more job to check off the list. Hate sitting inside with all the shutters closed anyway, makes it too dark and you can’t see the wind blowing the trees and debris whizzing down the street.

So bring it on Hurricane Isaac. We are ready and waiting and well prepared. I just hope I can get this post up before we lose power.

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  1. Cathie says

    Did you know “Isaac” means “He will laugh?” Let’s hope he doesn’t get the last one!

  2. Richard Bienvenu says

    I think “Isaac” did get the last laugh what with the power outages and the flooding in outlying areas to the city of New Orleans.

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