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Northern Ireland Teens Transformed by Trip to Crescent City

Since Hurricane Katrina a lot of church groups and other community groups from around the country have come to New Orleans and spent weeks at a time helping to rebuild neighborhoods. These are usually groups of young people who feel compelled to engage in community service and help the city recover. This is not only good for the city and its people but for the young participants as well for it helps to instill charity and good works by hand rather than just the donation of funds to faraway faceless souls.

Northern Ireland Teens Transformed by Trip to Crescent City

Flooded I-10/I-610 interchange and surrounding...

Severe flooding occurred at the I-10/I-610 interchange in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina – 2005

Yes, after seven years the city of New Orleans still needs help and church groups still show up to lend a hand. But the recent visit of some Northern Ireland teens are perhaps the most unusual of groups since this one involves Catholics and Protestants, two factions that have been instilled with animosity and hatred for the other for generations.

The full article on tells this story about the Friends Forever project and these Irish teens.

Friends Forever is doing great work healing wounds in the culture of Northern Ireland while helping to heal physical wounds in the Crescent City. We thank them for their work. Bless you.


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