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A Little Gift From Hurricane Ida

hurricane ida new orleans

What’s with this weather? All this wind and cool air from Hurricane Ida. Although Ida passed us by a couple days ago we still got the trees blowin’ and cool air flowin’. Don’t get me wrong the cool air is nice and all. Just seems kinda strange to be dealing with a ‘cane this time of the year, ya know, getting ready for Thanksgiving and all. Shakes up the routine a bit.

When we heard Ida was coming this way I was thinking it would be kinda cool if we got just enough wind to blow some of the electricity off for a while. Then I could use my new Honda generator I bought at the beginning of the year. This thing will go for eight hours on one little tank enough to run the frig and a few lights and the TV, maybe even my computer. Ya know, guys and their toys.

I knew that Ida, after wreaking havoc to our neighbors way south of us, would start to dissipate once it got into the Gulf cuz the gulf at this time of the year is relatively cool and hurricanes need warm water to feed off of. Some of the coastal communities got some flooding but that’s to be expected if you live in a low-lying area. Just goes with the territory, I guess.

New Orleans got a bunch of wind, some rain. Obliterated my roses off the bush, but I took some inside before the wind started getting bad. Now got a couple vases of nice pink roses.

But today it’s a jet blue sky, appropriate for Veterans Day and my American flag is lying almost flat out in the breeze, a little gift from a hurricane called Ida. Thanks Ida. We’re thankful we hardly knew ya.

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