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A New Orleanian’s Homecoming from Paris

There ‘s a saying that goes ‘you can’t go home again.’ I don’t know that the heck that means or where it comes from. But I’ve found it not to be true. And writer and New Orleanian Katherine Peck proves it in the article about her homecoming after a stint in Paris as an au pair.

A New Orleanian’s Homecoming from Paris

A view of the Eiffel Tower down what could be a French Quarter street.

A view of the Eiffel Tower down what could be a French Quarter street.

Yeah, I love Paris too, and most of the places I’ve visited in my travels overseas I’ve found something that I’ve liked and even loved. I lived in Seville, Spain for a while, and loved every minute of it. But there is nothing like returning to your roots, to something that’s familiar, to where people know you.

In Peck’s post on NoleVie she relates:

After a week of being back in New Orleans, I’ve realized how unique this place is compared to anywhere else in the world – including America. New Orleans possesses a particular warmth and color lacking in often cold and gray major metropolises, such as Paris.

My sister and I celebrated my homecoming with daiquiris — obtained via drive thru (the trick is in the straw!).

Then, at the supermarket, I was called “baby” and asked more times than I could count how I was doing that day.

And from personal experience, I’ve learned that you can go anywhere in the world and yell WHO DAT to a fellow New Orleanian — from the streets of Dublin to a Trombone Shorty concert in Paris — and generate a response.

There’s little doubt that New Orleans is one of the major culinary, artistic and cultural centers of the world. Living in another country for a spell really brings that awareness home.

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