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At Vikings Game New Orleans Saints Drew Brees Gets Slammed Then Gets Mad – Video

It seems that Drew Brees is the epitome of cool. Almost beyond human with self-control as I see it. So it was kind of refreshing to see him get really pissed off when he gets sacked and body slammed by Viking cornerback Captain Munnerlyn.

Saints defense and offense was acting pretty lame for most of the game. I mean c’mon, they had the lead and was getting pretty close to losing it. Then the Vikings did us a favor by their  unnecessary roughness and pissing off Brees. You don’t piss off our star quarterback. Seems like his response gave the team just the jolt they needed to finally wake up and cream the Vikings.

In this video Brees talks about being suplexed.

OK. This is the first time I’ve heard the word ‘suplexed.’ I guess it’s some kind of wrestling term or other. But thanks to being suplexed Brees and the team get fired up and they win the game 20-9. Oh yeah, babe. Dat’s howya do it.

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