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BP Oil Hits Lake Ponchartrain

For the past two months or so New Orleans has been inundated with the oily smell coming off the BP oil spill that not only threatens our beautiful fragile coastline of Louisiana, that is home to egrets and turtles and pelicans and all kinds of fishes, but our own way of life as well.

Did you know that Louisiana is one the best places to go fishing in the world? We supply over 25% of the nations fish and 25% of the nations oil. So what? Well, now that BP in all its wisdom is in the process of destroying our coastline and trying to save money in the process we will be left with an oil soaked coastline and and a crippled economy. If this thing is not handled the way that it should be then our very way of life as a little Caribbean country on the edge of the Gulf is threatened.

For many years our economy has been based on oil, tourism and the fisheries. Never in the 50 year history of Gulf drilling and exploration has such a tragic thing happened to our Gulf. And it is all caused by a company whose bottom line is more important than safety, the safety of the men who work for it and the safety of the Gulf that our federal government allows them to drill in and make billions of dollars.

What many people don’t know is that BP has the reputation for being THE worst offender when it comes to repeated violations, and we are talking about criminal violations, owing to negligence and cutting corners to save money, increase their bottom line and bring more money to their shareholders. Just how much money does one company need to make anyway?

The Cost of Greed
This is of course all about nothing short of greed. Absolute rampant greed. A few years ago there was a BP refinery in Texas that exploded killing twelve people and injuring many more, all in the name of cutting costs. They were found criminally liable for a spill in an Alaskan pipeline a few years ago due to negligence. Eleven people were killed in this most recent accident.

So this spill in the Gulf is old hat to them. They are used to committing violations and then paying the fines, because the fines and judgements against them dwarf what they make by cutting corners. It seems that this current spill is just karma coming back to bite them. Will they learn from it?

Where is the outrage in England about the practices of one of their biggest companies that apparently hold the pensions of thousands upon thousands of Brits. Is there any outcry in that country demanding that BP be more responsible not only to keeping their workers safe but to the safety of the environment as well? If there has been I have not heard it. I have not read about it in the paper.

And now we have reports of oil entering Lake Ponchartrain an inland lake connected to the Gulf by a few narrow waterways threatening recreation and threatening another popular fishing area. Many make their living off of shrimp they harvest from the lake.

Oil in our lake. Now this horrendous oil spill truly hits home.

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