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Easter in New Orleans 2009

St. Patrick's Church New Orleans

St. Patrick's Church New Orleans

The sky was a bit gray overcast and had a slight smell of rain. Grabbing the Times Picayune out on the front sidewalk I noticed the grass was damp with dew. The air smelled fresh though and I could feel Easter in the air, the day of rebirth, the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the resurrection of life and the conquering of death.

I put on my Sunday best with a yellow bowtie. I like wearing bowties because almost no one else seems to wear them these days and they’re fun. I left at the usual time, 9 am, to get to church at about 9:15. I go to the Tridentine Latin Mass at St. Patrick’s on Camp Street, the oldest church in New Orleans. Even with the reforms of Vatican II there has always been a Latin Mass there.

Parking was further away than normal and when I walked into the church I realized I had not taken into account that a lot of lapsed Catholics make Easter one of the few days they attend Mass. The place was packed to the gills! It’s interesting that they were there for the Latin Mass. For us traditionalists that’s a good sign. The usher who stands at the back with a clicker showed me the tally: over 600 people.

The pastor Fr. Klores in his booming voice always gives an interesting and dynamic sermon. And today was no exception. Today as he has done on other Easters he used a piece from the Orthodox Eastern rite of the liturgy. He calls out, “Christ is risen!” to which the congregation responds, “Indeed! He is Risen!”

Afterwards, our coffee clutch met as usual at PJ’s the corner coffee shop to discuss our lives, current events, problems with the Church and Louisiana politics. I broke my Lenten fast from coffee with a strong double Americano. Yum.

We departed early, it being Easter we all had other plans with loved ones. The gray skies still hung overhead and there was still a slight smell of rain as I headed out to the Southern Yacht Club to have Easter brunch with my family. I broke my other Lenten fast from alcohol with a favorite New Orleans libation, the milk punch.

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