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European Podcast Spells Out What Makes Native New Orleans Food Unlike Any Other

People come from all over the world to indulge in our New Orleans food. You know when I was growing up we just ate food that was from here. I don’t think we called it New Orleans food, it was just what we ate. You know, we got the gumbo, and the shrimp creole and the beignets and the coffee and chicory and all the other foods that make our cuisine so unique.

European Podcast Spells Out What Makes Native New Orleans Food Unlike Any Other

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It was not till I went away and lived other places that I could really appreciate what we have here in New Orleans. I lived for 16 years in the Pacific Northwest and although they got some restaurants that have decent food, there is really no coherent cuisine. Nothing that was unusual from the rest of the country.

I mean I can remember going to eat at people’s homes and just having well, not really good food. It’s was just plain, boring, anywhere-in-America food. The thing is we here in the city are spoiled. We have been raised on fabulous food, that’s just normal to us but really different from anywhere else. What makes us different is that we have a distinct native cuisine, and other places in the country don’t.

Marcus Hippi of Finland who traveled all the way to New Orleans just to do this interview talked to Liz Williams of the Food and Beverage Museum, Ryan Prewitt, Ann Tuennerman, Francisco Robert of Dinner Lab and Tim McNally, of world-wide fame.

Local food blogger Robert Peyton of paraphrased from the interview that ‘our cuisine stems from our ability to relax and enjoy the moment, and that we appreciate food on a different level from our neighbors.’

Yep, I think that about sums it up. You can hear this interview on Monocle at this link: Podcast

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