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Floating on the Fly in New Orleans Audubon Park

Last Sunday we took a nice bike ride up Audubon Street toward the levee and made our way to a favorite New Orleans hang out a place called the Fly.

This is a wide stretch of land behind the zoo right there on the banks of the MIssissippi River where college kids with barbeque pits and beer kegs, bevies of beautiful babes on beach towels, little kids running and playing tag, parents having there own tailgaiting parties, and soccer moms and dads and folks watching kiddie baseball games at the Carrollton Boosters beautiful new facilities hang out.

It was a perfect day for a bike ride and a little R&R so we found a nice spot under a tree with a great view of the river and sat ourselves down. Our little respite was thwarted by a freshly minted caterpillar that dropped on my shirt from the oak branch above.

Spring is the time for oak trees and caterpillars, so those-in-the-know know not to sit, walk, eat, sleep or play under one. Not easy to do in a town rampant with oaks. So we quickly got up and I removed that cute little sucker with a stick, grabbed the bikes and moved to a spot more out in the open.

Great waves of humanity were about us, different types music vibrating from speakers close to and away from us. Tugs with barges passed. From this vantage point it is easy to imagine the river before the white man when there were not factories or installations lining the banks. Here at this spot you see mostly trees on the opposite bank and the lazy but secretly rushing brown water beneath.

I found some clover flowers lying next to me and chewed them, the taste of green and the earth filling my mouth. There is something so organic about that. We see the green and hear the sounds of the river, of nature, the nature of humanity, feel the coolness of the grass and then complete the experience with a savory bit of the earth.

I could smell the crawfish boiling somewhere and it gave me the idea that we need to have our own little backyard crawfish boil with the corn and the onion and garlic and the sausage, something that missing from the already cooked crawfish you get in the store.

The sun was going down, the great red yellow ball way up the river. It was time to go. We hopped on our bikes and headed back the way we came the air now cool as we made our way home.

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