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Frigid Air in New Orleans – A Major Weather Event?

I got a friend in Albuquerque who’s shocked each time I mention that it’s cold in New Orleans. He says, “Whaaaat!” I know it gets cold there too but I guess it surprises him that here in the deep South it gets to be freezing. Over the last few years we’ve had a respite from any real cold weather. In fact, here on the south shore of Lake Pontchratrain we’ve had no freezing weather for at least 3 or 4 years or so. So I have not had to worry about any of my plants.

Frigid Air in New Orleans – A Major Weather Event?

Frozen Fontain in Mid City New Orleans

Frozen Fontain in Mid City New Orleans

Last week though we had some really cold weather when this side of the country got that arctic blast and dumped so much snow and ice up thar where the danged Yankees live.

I left some plants out that I thought might be vulnerable but I wanted to see what would happen to them overnight when the cold snap came through.

It was somewhere in the upper 20s, cold enough to have some of the plants melt. You know, the begonias and the aloe, don’t seem to like that cold.

On the steps the next morning I found the potted begonias had all drooped into a mush with this bloody looking stuff all around it.

Yes, it looked as if someone had stabbed them and they’d bled to death. Pretty gruesome, no. So now I’m sure, begonias don’t like the cold.

So now they are expecting this horrendous weather is going to come through New Orleans and coat everything with ice which may weigh down some branches and fall across power lines and snuff out our electricity for hours or maybe even days.


At least during hurricane season when the power goes out you can bear the heat. But the cold? The only way we have heat if we lose power is to hold up in the kitchen with the gas oven on.

We got our generator ready so we can hook up the fridge and have lights. Entergy is telling us that they have thousands of crew people ready to swoop down on the area if there are power outages and that possibily some people may be without power for three to five days.

I think of my mom who just turned 100 and how to help her survive through all of this. Ha. Well, if it ain’t one thing it’s another.

This morning I prayed that we would not lose power and that the winds would not be so bad and we’d be spared from too much ice. The powers that be say we are in for a “significant weather event,” with icy roads, frozen bridges and downed trees. While I was walking the dog this morning a neighbor, who used to live up thar in Yankee-land, told me not to worry, it will be a non-event. I hope so. Although I would not mind a little snow. That’s always nice when it happens here every five years or so.

Yeah, we do get freezing cold weather in New Orleans. Let’s hope it doesn’t last too long, hurt anybody and melt too many plants.

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