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Hoo Yeah. Is Some Cole Heah in N’awlins

ColdWeather new orleans

Hoo yeah! Talk about da cold. It is some cold heah raht now. I cain’t remember when it had been dis cold, bra. I mean, lemme tell you. I mean we talkin’ bout maybe 18 degrees this Saturday. No way.

But you know I kinda like this. We actually have some steady winter weather. Means it’ll kill off a lot of the mosquitos and big giant cockroaches, the bane of living down here in this wet and warm climate.

One of our family traditions is lighting the fireplace on Christmas morning while opening our presents. I can vividly remember lighting the fireplace and having to turn the air conditioning on because it was so warm outside.

As I recall it was almost like that last year. We had a pretty muggy late fall, early winter even though we had a day of snow sometime in the first part of December.

It would be nice if we had snow now. I mean if we gonna have all dis freezin’ cold, bra, we might as well have some snow to go along with it all, make it worthwhile.

I went out and bought a bunch of those pressed logs for the fireplace so we been lighting a fire almost every day now and those logs really do throw out some heat, ya know. So we sit in the evening with drinks and hot chocolate, some good music on the stereo, me coloring in my new Ray Nagin coloring book I got for Christmas.

And this whole global warming thing, oops, now they call it climate change…and we got some of the coldest weather in years. What’s up wit dat?

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