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How Orchids Grow in New Orleans

Nowadays you can see orchids for sale in almost any New Orleans grocery store. Over the years at our house we’ve had so many orchids that come by way of gifts and such and we’ve pretty much managed to eventually kill all of them.

Too much water, not enough water. So temperamental. It seems the less you do to them the better. I know this: they don’t like a lot of water and they don’t like direct sun.

How Orchids Grow in New Orleans

So we had all these orchids sitting in the window, getting direct afternoon sun. So I got the bright idea of just getting them out of the way and sticking them on the porch. If they’re gonna die well better to keep ’em outside so at least they’ll be happy in a natural environment.

Turns out that’s the best thing I could’ve done. All the plants you’ll see in this video have been on the porch for months right through winter. And all of them have rebloomed including one of the oldest ones that had rebloomed once before. The blooms on this one are spectacular, 27 of them. Wow! I have never seen an orchid like this before.

So how do orchids grow in New Orleans? Well, as it turns out pretty danged great!

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