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Hurricane Katrina and the Shift in Heart Attack Patterns

When you think about catastrophes and their aftermaths and just what the repercussions will be very few take into account their lingering effects. Regarding Hurricane Katrina and any superstorm the cost in human life is difficult to predict.

Hurricane Katrina and the Shift in Heart Attack Patterns

new orleans hurricane katrina

Flooding in Venice Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina

Who would even consider that, yes, some folks did lose their lives when the poorly constructed federal canal walls broke and flooded their homes.

But what about the months after that with people keeling over just from the stress of having to deal with the intransigence of insurance companies, incompetent state, federal and city governments, the stress of being our of work, and even the stress of having to rebuild homes.

And what’s being discovered is these effects can last for years and years.

For those of us who had very little damage from Katrina what we did not realize was that we were dealing with a lot of underlying psychological stress. Anyone who drove to the Ninth Ward after the storm and saw the warscene-like devastation went away with the feeling of being punched in the gut. These effects linger.

Now Tulane has come out with a study that shows not only did we have more heart attacks in the city after the storm but that heart attack patterns actually shifted. This article from New Orleans FOX 8 News explains these findings in these heart disease patterns 

It will be interesting to see the health pattern shifts in the months and years following Hurricane Sandy on the Eastern seaboard, a storm almost as traumatic and widespread as Hurricane Katrina.

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