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In Full Praise of New Orleans Front Porches


I guess we are some of the lucky ones in this world. Being able to sit and while away the time on a front porch. It’s a very Southern thing, you know. Especially the screened-in porches. Of course that has a practical purpose, to stave off the onslaught of insects in the summer months. But it also discourages intruders. Or at least I like to think that.

When the weather gets nice, meaning when the cold breezes stop their blowing we like to set out on the porch in the evenings. What about the heat of the summer when most people like to lock themselves inside their air conditioned homes? We still sit out there with our waters or scotches or beers or milk punches with the overhead fan going, but not too high because, surprisingly enough even in the summer all that air blowing on you can feel downright uncomfortable and in the cool of the evening maybe even a tad chilly! We keep the fan on low enough to move the air around and move the sweat away from the body.

New Orleans is a city of old neighborhoods which makes it conducive to walking. From the porch we see people strolling with their babies, dogs and loved ones. I doubt in most American cities would you see so much life on neighborhood streets. Some don’t even have sidewalks! Alas, most modern houses nowadays don’t even have a front porch.

Last week we had several of our cousins in town from all over the country here for a family reunion. We sat for hours out on the front porch relaxing, sipping drinks, chatting and telling stories as Southerners are wont to do. We had never had so many people on our porch, we even had to bring out extra chairs and started to run out of space. That’s a nice problem to have. Thank God I live in a place where front porches and liesure time with family is so cherished.

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