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In the Wilds of New Orleans’ City Park


Did you know that City Park was actually designed by the same guy who did Central Park in New York? Yep. And that it’s one of the largest parks inside city limits?

I and my cousins who were here a few weeks ago took a little excursion into the interior of this vast wilderness. OK, I am exaggerating a bit. But after we took a stroll around a lagoon near the New Orleans Art Museum we hopped into the car to locate the back lot to a movie being shot in the city. It’s a replica of a Mexican street easily seen from the road because of a fake church steeple.


Faux Mexican Town

We pulled off onto the grass and started our trek across vast swaths of wild territory toward the town, the steeple looming above the landscape. We found some well-worn paths and finally a concrete road. Concrete road? Wild, wide open spaces. Oh yes, of course, this was once a well-kept golf course that had now overgrown since Katrina.

It’s amazing how in three years nature reclaims its turf. Young trees were growing, giant thistle was sprouting up its seeds carried in by flood waters. There was abundant plant life everywhere of different wild herbs and flowers, just not the kind you regularly see on a golf course.

I had never walked in this part of the park before and I really came to realize just how truly vast this land is. Grasses and trees and foliage and ponds and lagoons and a faux Mexican street. What a perfect place for the movie industry to build some back lots that could be used over and over again. And what a perfect place to take a stroll in the wilderness under the wide open sky.

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