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Just Why the Heck Do I Keep This Blog About New Orleans

OK. So over the past few years, since 2009, I’ve been maintaining this blog to write about things that are about New Orleans or Louisiana and I feel that there is always tons of things to write about along these lines.

Just Why the Heck Do I Keep This Blog About New Orleans

Here is thy humble reporter, Richard Bienvenu, on the banks of the mighty Mississippi.

Here is thy humble reporter, Richard Bienvenu, on the banks of the mighty Mississippi near the New Orleans French Quarter.

And you know there are some days or weeks even where I do not feel like writing anything at all. I sometimes feel as if I really don’t have anything to offer and I get bogged down with other things and kind of let this go. And then later I come back to it and start writing again.

I guess there are times when I get discouraged about what I’m writing here or trying to accomplish. I mean my original reason for starting this was to be able to display and give a platform for New Orleans and to show my love for this city and it’s people and culture and history and food and all of that and to really show how unique this place is and why there is really no other place like this in the world.


And well I still feel that way.

But sometimes I feel that what I am writing falls on deaf ears or really falls on no ears at all.

Can’t seem to get the site any higher in the rankings. I wanted this site, this blog, to be kind of a go-to site for people in the city to get a sense of how unique the place is, and for those who do not live here but have visited, or would love to visit or those that are just enamored of the place because of where it sits in the world of music, architecture, history, culture and cuisine.

So sometimes I get kind of discouraged that it has not gotten much traction despite of everything I know how to do to supposedly make it better. But I will just keep plugging away at it because this is what I do.

I’m always looking for ideas for posts or other things I can do with the site. Please let me know if you would like to make a contribution of writing or ideas or layout.


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