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Little Dog Comes to New Orleans to Get New Legs

Hoo, darlin. Dis poor lil’ dog. Comin to New Orleans to get some new legs. Can you imagine? Someone sawed off it’s cute little hind legs so it wouldn’t jump over the fence. Dey should put dat guy (you know it’s a guy) away fa a hundured and seventy seven years.

Little dog comes to N’awlins for some new legs

This little dog, Fabio, is coming to New Orleans to get some new legs.

This little dog, Fabio, is coming to New Orleans to get some new legs.

So dis cute lil’ thing comin all the way to da Crescent City to get himself some new paws, dawlin. How bout dat? Seems like we got ourselves some pretty expert vets here who are known fa doin dat kinda stuff. Dey do horses and dogs and all kindsa animals. Anyway, ya gotta take a look at dis video. It’ll just make yo heart melt, I garontee.

Anyway you can da video right here or click on da photo. Yeah, we folks in N’awlins really love us our dogs. We got dog parks and even dog parades. Ain’t nuttin like a dog, babe. You know it.

And dis cute lil thing in the video. Don’t ya just wanna adopt him?

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