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Louisiana Agriculture: TWILA – My New Favorite TV Show

My new favorite program is about Louisiana agriculture, TWILA TV on Cox 4 at 9AM Saturday mornings. Some time last year I was aimlessly cruising the TV dial and happened upon this show. I was immediately taken in by the young attractive guy and gal hosting the show that’s all about Louisiana agriculture.

Louisiana Agriculture: TWILA – My New Favorite TV Show

TWILA TV Louisiana Agriculture

A.J. Sabine, Avery Davidson, and Kristen Oaks-White host TWILA TV.

TWILA stands for This Week in Louisiana Agriculture, produced by the Louisiana Farm Bureau with Kristen Oaks-White and Avery Davidson sharing hosting duties.

Not only did I find it interesting, entertaining and informative but was also impressed by the quality of the program, which is comprised of reports from the field. (Although I gotta say the quality of the actual broadcast on the Cox local access channel has a lot to be desired. C’mon, Cox, fix the quality so we can get the full HD broadcast of this.) The show’s focus is about bringing the Louisiana ag community and the consumer together.

They manage to chunk a lot of content into a half-hour show taking us around the state for stories about farmers and ranchers, their successes and challenges and all the innovative things they are doing. At least one segment of the show focuses on a Louisiana restaurant. They also cover national associations of the ag community as well. I didn’t know there was such a thing as the American Farm Bureau much less a Louisiana Farm Bureau.

Watch a clip from TWILA TV

So after watching for several months I realized that I could become a member of the Louisiana Farm Bureau. So I went online, signed up and plunked down a measly 40 bucks to be a member. All kinds of discounts and such comes with it which I will probably never use, but for me it’s just knowing that I am supporting the local ag community and being part of something that makes a difference.

What I like about this show is that it keeps me abreast of what’s happening out there with the people who supply us with our food and materials that helps us to not only survive but thrive in our day-to-day lives. It really is eye-opening to get a glimpse of the people who are so important, who are the real lifeline to not only our state’s health and well-being but to our own individually as well. Check them out, watch the show, become a member.

So every Saturday morning now I make sure I get up early enough to finish my morning duties, make myself a nice cup of coffee and sit in front of the TV just in time to see my new favorite show – TWILA. It’s a fun program. Check it out.

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