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New Orleans Area Swamp Tour: Up Close and Personal Wid Some Alligators, Cher


Puttin' Yo Haid into it. Swamp Tour near New Orleans

When guests come to town there is always the question: what the heck are we gonna do? Not that there is nothing to do. Au contraire! There is so much to do in and around New Orleans, so many choices, that sometimes we can be at a loss at what should we do first.

But I’ve decided that a highlight of anyone’s trip to New Orleans is to get a real taste of the surrounding area, the deep woods, raw experience of what it was like decades or even centuries ago when the white man and black man too first started settling this place.

The best way to do that is with the swamp tour. Around here there are so many to choose from. There’s the relatively sedate sit back and enjoy the scenery type. But then there’s the more hands-on flirting with danger type that is more dramatic and I think more fun.

neworleansswamptourCajun Pride Swamp Tours outside of La Place is the place to go to get up close and personal with some of the indigenous and possibly a bit dangerous wild life around here. Make no mistake this one is not for the squeamish. I think you gotta have an adventurous streak in you. Many people come here without the least desire to venture into the wilds of native Louisiana. And that’s unfortunate for them.

Not only does this tour give you an unforgettable experience but it also gives you an education in wildlife with some fascinating Louisiana history thrown in. And of course it makes a difference if the captain of your boat is authentic as well as was Captain Coyote, an authentic Cajun with an authentic Cajun accent with that authentic joie de vivre Cajuns are known for. With some authentic Cajun humor thrown in to the swamp tour gumbo.

So me and and some cousins of mine who are in town for a family reunion went out last Monday to get a taste of some swamp life, cher. Oowee! Talk about… Lemme tell you… We got ourselves a good education in alligators and turtles, and birds and snakes and all kinds of swamp things.

Coyote stood on a platform off the side of the boat and fed some gators by hand, having ’em jump outta da water for some smelly chicken pieces. We even got to hold a baby alligator passing him around, taking photos with him. Coo-yaw! I even kissed him on the back of the head. And guess what, and everyone said this, even the squeamish girls (and maybe a few squeamish guys): He’s so soft! No kidding. This alligator was soft almost like, but not quite, a baby’s bottom. Go figure. And he didn’t even try to bite us. This little gator was cute and gentle and seemed to relish all the attention.

The day was windy and cool with bright sunshine and blue skies but unfortunately a little too cool for the big gators to come out for a feeding. But all and all a perfect day for the hour and 45 minutes cruise through the wilds of some beautiful Louisiana backwater bayous.

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