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New Orleans City Park: Step Aside for Louisiana Super Plants

So I was reading in the Friday InsideOut section of the New Orleans Times Picayune about this planting of Louisiana super plants that was going to happen in City Park today.

Louisiana Super Plants in New Orleans City Park

The reason they call them super plants is that they are easy to grow and seem to like our hot weather. In fact, they seem to thrive in our climate and have no problem wintering over. I’m all about easy gardening so I thought I’d high tail it over the park after lunch and check out what they got.

I thought it was going to be a big thick spread of plants but as you can see in the video the little buggers are space well apart from each others. I guess that gives them room to grow.  In the video you’ll see butterfly pentas, serena angelonia, shoal creek vitex, and the shishi gashira camelia.

Me, I like to buy a bunch of flowers and just cram them all together to make them look full. But I guess it keeps them from attaining their inherent fullness and wisdom when they become mature plants. I’m all for the quick landscaping deal, with little patience for waiting and letting them fill out naturally. Accordingly, I guess I don’t get the results that I could get had I spaced them properly.

So I got some pentas in my yard and they are doing nicely, I just need to go to the nursery and get some of these other super plants to put in my New Orleans garden.

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