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New Orleans Gingerbread Buildings – Sweet Versions of Your Favorite NOLA Places

New Orleans gingerbread buildings – are you kidding? You mean buildings made outta gingerbread?

You know there ain’t nothing like a good gingerbread cookie. Me, I like to get that big ole tin of ’em at World Market for the holidays, I like the spicy sweetness, but really, they ain’t too sweet as most cookies go, they just right.

New Orleans Gingerbread Buildings – Sweet Versions of Your Favorite NOLA Places

Well, how ’bout some buildings made outta gingerbread. And we got some here in New Orleans, some real elaborate ones too, just take a gander at the photos below.

The Roosevelt Hotel has always been famous for it’s little gingerbread village. Nice, cute quaint.

New Orleans gingerbread

Detail of the Cajun Night Before Christmas village at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Now we got some other places looking to one up them. How bout an entire Jackson Square done up in gingerbread? Oh yeah. That’s gotta be a lot of woik, cher. Whadyathink?

new orleans gingerbread buildings jackson square

A gingerbread building display of Jackson Square New Orleans

150 pounds of gingerbread, about 200 pounds of sugar and 250 pounds of candy went into making this spectacle. Oh my gawd, think of the kinda woik dat goes into this. The hours and hours and sugar and sugar and flour and time baking it I mean, what a production. And then whadaya do after Christmas with alla this?

You can read more about this at

Now how bout this – a life-size gingerbread mansion at the Ritz-Carlton. Whaaaaaat? Ya gotta be kiddin’ me.

new orleans gingerbread buildings ritz carlton

The gingerbread house at the Ritz Carlton New Orleans

This one is on the modeled on the “wedding cake” house at 5807 St. Charles Avenue. And yes, you can actually walk through it. Chef de partie Eliza Abeleda spends weeks on this project. It’s nice that someone has the passion and expertise to put all this together and delight us with these woiks of awt during the Holidays.

Find out more about this gingerbread house at

New Orleans gingerbread buildings – who knew awchitectyah could be so danged yummy. But ya know as always, just look, babe, and keep ya hands to yourself.


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