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New Orleans History: Film Clips From the 1920s

Have a gander at these vintage film clips of old New Orleans history.

You can see some of the shots of the French Quarter and how derelict it looked back then. Can you imagine that at one time there was talk of tearing this beautiful, historic buildings down? OMG! That’s what happened all over the rest of the country. Something was old, you tear it down. Still happening. Thank God there were those with vision who knew the worth of our history and what it means not only to the city but to the rest of the world.

In New Orleans we respect the past and what it means not only for our present but for our future. Without our historic preservation there would virtually be no real New Orleans left. Can you imagine Paris without it’s old beautiful buildings? That’s why people flock there year after year. And that is why people continue to flock to New Orleans. Our New Orleans history and culture, customs and traditions. It’s what makes us the number one tourist destination in the country.

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