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New Orleans Hit By Major Cold Snap – It’s Cold As S**t!

My frozen fountain in New Orleans. No fish in this one and has already started to split and leak.

A lot of people wonder if it every gets really cold in New Orleans. Well wonder no more. For the last few weeks we’ve been hit by some pretty cold weather.

Is this unusual? well yes and no. I remember when I was a kid we had it go all the way to 18 degrees once, those we called hard freezes. It does snow occasionally and hard enough that it stays on the ground and we can make a snowman, at least when we were kids we did this.

Some people think that when we have this kind of cold weather than it sets us up for some major hurricanes in the fall. Well, I don’t know. We shall see.

Hurricane Katrina came in 2005 after we’d had some good snow during Christmas in fact I think it was actually on Christmas day. I can remember big flurries of snow coming down as I knocked on the door of my Aunt Eleanor’s house.

But to have this type of frigid weather come so frequently, heck, I can’t remember when it has been so.

When I woke up this morning it was 24 at our house although my weather app said it was 21 somewhere in the city. For some reason we are in a little pocket here close to the Mississippi River which I think helps to warm it up a few degrees.

When I went to bed last night I looked outside and could already see a bit of snow accumulated on the ground as the temperature was dropping.

I have two nice big aloe vera plants that I had stashed under the Japanese plum tree a couple weeks ago when we started having this frigid weather and they seemed to do OK. But when I checked them this morning although they looked really healthy and beautiful they were frozen solid. Oops. The fronds were like big popsicle sticks easily broken off.

I have a little fountain outside that’s got some big goldfish in it and I know they will be OK as long as the water does not freeze solid. But the fountain spigot froze and the top was frozen very thinly and having it against the house helps to protect it.

So now I have a lamp with a box over it to get the water flowing again, not that the fish really need it since they are kind of in a state of suspended animation. They won’t even bother to eat when it gets this cold.

Right now I got most of the shades drawn and the curtains closed with the heat to 66 but it’s not getting above 62. These old houses were not built for cold weather, although before the house was remodeled in the early 1960s there was a fireplace in every room and back then they used coal for heat.

My folks did keep one fireplace in the living room, but that was not used for heat as much as for decoration and when they rebuilt it it was poorly done so when we lit the wood it never really drafted well sending smoke into the house while the chimney heated up.

Now we occasionally light it during the holidays with one of those pressed logs that last for 3 hours. I got it lit now to see if it makes any difference.

So I sit here in a comfy chair in the living room in thermal underwear and sweat clothes and jacket. We got one more night of this. I could not imagine weeks of this or the months that folks in the northern climes have to endure. So yeah, it does get cold in New Orleans, really, really cold.

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