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New Orleans is Boom Town #2 in the Country

Well, hurray for us and alla dat. Bloomberg now lists New Orleans as the 2nd best place for growth in the country behind Austin. Seems like this news belies our good friend Geraldo Rivera’s, bless his heart, comment on a recent Fox news program about New Orleans being a “vast urban wasteland.”

New Orleans is 2nd Boom Town in the Country

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Our good Governor Jindal stated recently, as reported by WWL-TV news:

“By fostering an environment where businesses want to invest, we are creating a new Louisiana,” the governor proclaimed.  “The payoff for all of us is that our sons and daughters, our children and grandchildren, will be able to find the best jobs and the most rewarding careers right there in Louisiana.”

Seems like New Orleans has been recognized a lot in the last year for being in the top 10 places for business and vacations. In fact, we were rated the top place to start a new business by Forbes.

So seems like great things are happening here. And did you know that now Louisiana is considered THE top place to make movies in the entire country?

Yep, it’s good to be in New Orleans, ya’ll, now at this time. Well, it’s great to be here anyway, no matter what.

So, Geraldo, you were sayin’?

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