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New Orleans’ Love Affair With Itself


You know the old saying

“God loves those who love themselves.” Hm.

Or is it “God helps those who help themselves.”

I’ve heard it said

that the unique thing about this city is that

most people who live here love it.

I mean really love it.

Okay, is it perfect? No.

We got our problems like any city got its problems.

We got crime, corruption, incompetency,

ineptitude, you name it.

But we also got Jazz, world class food,

unique traditions and customs, Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest,

and numerous festivals throughout the year.

We are so rich in history

we are called the historian’s paradise.

We are sitting on top of and inside of history.

It exudes from the street, hangs in the air,

is built into our architecture,

passes in sounds from our lips,

is infused in our songs,

travels up and down the Mississippi

and stirs us in our sleep.

Built on a sacred ancient Indian site

We were destined to become infused with

An intangible spirit, a soaring gift for soul

Despite our catering to vice

We are one of the most spiritual cities

In America.

We pulled a city out of primordial ooze

And created a shining jewel

It was written long ago.

Love yourself and God will love you back.

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