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Oak Street’s Rebirth

Had to go to the hardware store on Oak St. this morning to pick up some supplies for our cleaning lady.

The cool thing about Oak St. is that it hasn’t changed much in the last many decades. It’s been used as setting in several period movies set in New Orleans. The most recent is Benjamin Button and before that All the King’s Men.

But the street itself like many streets in the Crescent City has been falling apart for some time. One place had buckled so much that it looked and acted like a speed bump. It’s all the natural shifting and settling of the earth around here.

new orleans oak street po boyNow Oak St. has been seeing lots of regular and funky new businesses spring up: a furniture store, yoga studio, coffee shops, art galleries, gelato place, and now the new Po Boy festival the fall. Of course, the landmarks are still thriving like the famous Maple Leaf Bar and Jacques Imo’s restaurant. And with

But the street, oh the street. Time for a fresh face on it, and this reconstruction will be going on till October. They gotta redo all the pipes underneath, as well. It’ll be nice though.

I lived near Portland, Oregon and they got 23rd St. with shops and coffee shops and restaurants and galleries and that place is busy, busy. It’s a nice place to take a stroll and is bursting with life.

The same could be done for Oak St. Somebody just needs to take a trip up to Portland to see what they heck they are doing that attracts so many people and include those elements. Oak St. is ripe for a rebirth. This resurfacing of the street is the first step. If you rebuild it perhaps they will come.

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