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New Orleans Saints Curtis Lofton Loves New Orleans

The New Orleans Saints are much loved by this community of dedicated fans. There’s an odd thing about New Orleans, I hear this story all the time, someone comes to visit and for the first time in their lives they feel they’ve come home. And they find themselves moving here.

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Curtis Lofton came here for the game and the solid team foundation. He didn’t figure he would wind up loving the place.

New Orleans Saints Curtis Lofton Loves New Orleans and Loves Him Back

New Orleans Saints Curtis Lofton

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Curtis Lofton Falls in Love with the city and the city loves him back.

In an article on Lofton says:

Even with the long hours working between the lines, watching tape and in the weight room, the Saints linebacker has been able to come to appreciate some of the greatest characteristics of the city while not wasting any time.

“The things that stand out to me are the food and the culture,” said Lofton. “You can go to the best restaurants and they are only 15 minutes from your house. I love that. It is a great place to come visit and a great place to come live.”

More than anything though, Lofton has connected with the truly dedicated fan base that makes up the Who Dat Nation. His relationship with the community has blossomed in his short time here and continues to grow each and every day. Now, six months into his time as a member of the Saints, Lofton has fully embraced the Crescent City as his home

“This community is so loving of their Saints,” said Lofton. “I haven’t seen anything like it. As a player and as a part of this team, it makes you want to put your everything out there on Sundays. There is no other place like New Orleans.”

“I hadn’t played a snap,” said Lofton. “I hadn’t stepped on the field or anything, and people would know my name. I just thought, ‘how does anyone know me?’ This community just loves their Saints.”

Lofton immediately began work to become more attached to the community and the supportive fan base. He wanted to connect with the people of the city he now called home. He started eating at new restaurants across the city, attending community events and participating in charitable endeavors all over the area. He attended everything from concerts at Champions Square to autograph signings to school visits to teammate’s fundraisers, all while interacting with the people of New Orleans.

Nice to hear stories like this. And nice to hear another member of the New Orleans Saints has, like Drew Brees, completely embraced the city. As the saying goes: If you love New Orleans it will love you back.


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