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New Orleans Saints: Fr. Tony Ricard Offers New Prayer for the Who Dat Nation

Right now the New Orleans Saints need all the help they can get. What with the team being gutted of our coach and top players by the good commissioner the Who Dats need to get down on their knees and offer up dis prayer to da Awlmighty.

New Orleans Saints: Fr. Tony Ricard Offers 2012 Prayer for da Who Dat Nation

new orleans Saints drew brees

Can the New Orleans Saints Play in the Super Bowl at the Superdome? Fr. Tony offers a new prayer to get the job done. got da whole prayer in its hands. Here’s an excerpt:

Right now, our team needs your strength and our unwavering support to resurrect their season. With your grace, the New Orleans Saints will rise like a phoenix from the ashes. They have all the pieces they need to be victorious. Now, they need your blessings.

Like the many saints in the kingdom of heaven, we cannot expect our players and staff to be perfect. None of your saints were perfect. Each dealt with their own human flaws and personal limitations. We have come to realize that a saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up. Well, like your heavenly saints, we need our New Orleans Saints to rise up from their troubles and claim their places of glory.

He got the whole world in his hands and we want Him to hold the Bless You Boys up just a little bit higher. Otherwise how are the New Orleans Satins gonna play in the Super Bowl at the Superdome? I mean that’s da whole pernt, ain’t it?

Hey, leave a COMMENT. Do you think the Saints can pull it off?

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