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New Orleans School System Number One In The Nation

Many people wonder if there was anything positive that came out of the destruction from the flooding caused by the breaks in the federal levee system after Hurricane Katrina.

Our school system had been in such a terrible mess. Money was being squandered and sometimes downright stolen by members of the school board, retired teachers receiving ungodly sums for who knows what and just out and out terrible fiscal management.

New Orleans School System Number One In The Nation

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The New Orleans school system is now number in the nation.

The teacher’s union had a stranglehold on the schools, fought any kind of reform, and despite claiming it was all about the children, everyone else knew it was not.

Many teachers themselves were undereducated and should not have been let anywhere near a classroom. Students were graduating not knowing how to read or write or do simple math. They could barely get menial jobs let alone having any chance of bettering themselves by going to college.

A whole generation of kids had their future stolen from them by the despicable actions of these school board members, dishonest teachers and the union.

I dare say that a lot of the trouble we have now with crime in our city is a direct result of this terrible education model that unleashed angry and uneducated people on our streets who grew up and gave birth to angry and messed up children.

Before Katrina it was my thought that the only way that old system was going to change was if someone drop a bomb on it and blew it all apart. Well, Katrina was that bomb and basically blew that old cronyistic school system to smithereens.

Since then New Orleans has opened a slew of charter schools and implemented much needed reforms. The teacher’s union no longer has control over any part of our school system. The school board oversees only a few schools which were model schools before the storm despite the terrible system they were working under.

Now the Brookings Institute has give an “A” rating to the New Orleans Recovery School DIstrict (RSD) making it first in the nation.

An article in explains:

The RSD was miles ahead of its competitors, much to the surprise of those who thought that Hurricane Katrina would hinder the local education system for decades. It was the only district to receive an A ranking, with New York City a distant second at B+.

The ECCI lauded the recovery district for the “high availability of choice in the RSD, with over 80% of schools being alternatives to traditional public schools including charters, a good supply of affordable private schools and tax credits available for private school attendance.”

It’s about time New Orleans gets recognized for something positive. We’ve taken a lot of lumps over the years, some of it deserved, much of it underserved. There is nothing more important than a well-educated populace. It portends a boon to increased economic activity and a vast improvement in the quality of life for all our citizens. When it comes to education New Orleans is finally doing something right and at last commended for.

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