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New Orleans Weather: The Calm After the Storm

The storm was coming, we had been warned, with possible street flooding and 20 inches of rain. Yikes! OK. That’s New Orleans weather for you. So we got a bunch of rain and the depression was transformed into Tropical Storm Lee. And the proper amount of fear instilled by the news media.

Yet, I couldn’t help thinking that, you know, usually hurricanes don’t dump that much rain but since this system was slow moving we could have some flooding.

I had gotten the generator started and ready to go, stocked up on batteries for the radio and flashlights and shopped for some food. I lowered the outdoor umbrella, clipped and tied off a rose bush that had gotten knocked over by the first winds and trimmed some leggy vinca that was being whipped about.

Friday afternoon I went out to the New Orleans Marina to check on our sailboat and the water had risen considerably.

I had to remove my shoes to step down onto the dock because it was already under water by a bout a foot. In the fifteen minutes it took for me to adjust the lines the water had risen at least another foot and was right below my knees. Seeing that I’m 6’3″ with long legs that is considerable.

Water was pouring through the concrete in the marina parking lot and I went down the road intending to drive out to the Southern Yacht Club but the street, the park and that whole area, including the Coconut Beach volleyball facility, was entirely under water.

We didn’t lose power and was able to watch TV and do some computer work while the wind gusts blew the trees around and some occasional hard rain fell on the house.

But I was right. It didn’t really rain hard enough at one time to cause much flooding in the city. The pumps were able to keep up with the inundation and as I drove around the city during the rainiest times I say no flooding anywhere.

Now that the storm has passed we have a nice cool day with beautiful sunny skies and a light breeze. The windows are open which is one of the pluses of this type of weather. I like being able to breathe and feel the outside air and hear the cars on the street and all the other activity that comes and goes outside during the day.

Personally, I like all kinds of weather. I like the storms and the rain, the heat and the cold. And I really appreciate the beautiful, sunny New Orleans weather that we are having today.

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