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Roger Goodell Life-sized Voodoo Doll: A Saints Fan Has Her Revenge

Right down the street of us is this house that has all these crazy blow up dolls in the front yard in honor of the New Orleans Saints. In fact, there is never a time in the year when their yard is clear because whatever holiday is coming up the yard is filled with blow up dolls. But during NFL season its packed.

The dolls fit the season no matter what season it is. And right now it’s Saints season. But this year there’s is something a little different from her usual menagerie.

Revenge of a Saints Fan: A Roger Goodell Life-sized Voodoo Doll

Hanging from the porch is a life sized doll with swords and giant pins in it. Can you guess who it is? If you guess Roger Goodell you would be right. There in plain view is the doll pierced in suit and tie with a life-sized picture of Goodell face for the head. Looks pretty real I’d say. Of course, if it were real Goodell would not be smiling just as Saints fans don’t smile whenever they think of the commish.

It pretty much expresses the feeling of most Saints fans, or we like to say Who Dats here in the city and other parts, the good commish gutting the Saints for the so-called Bounty Gate. He acted on this “scandal” with not a lot of evidence it seems as apparently no player was physically hurt because of it. But he chose to make the holy Saints an example for the rest of the league. Oh well, we’ll survive as we always do.

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