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The Simpsons Voice Actor Harry Shearer Speaks Out On New Orleans Short Term Rentals

New Orleans short terms rentals are all the rage right now meaning that, yes, it’s become popular for people to wanna come down and rent a whole home in the city. But many local residents are enraged by what could be a destructive practice. Destructive mainly because it alters the fabric of a neighborhood.

The Simpsons Voice Actor Harry Shearer Speaks Out On New Orleans Short Term Rentals

harry shearer new orleans planning commission new orleans short term rentals

The Simpsons Harry Shearer in front of the New Orleans Planning Commission

Right now all across the land folks are using such services such as AirBnB to rent out apartments and entire homes, many owners doing it illegally by turning their homes into a commercial operations without permits to do so. In fact, if you are renting an entire home as a short term rental you are doing so illegally in New Orleans.

The problem with all this is that besides having a constant stream of people moving in and out of your neighborhood from week to week or even day to day, the proponents of this are the property owners who want to cash in with little regard for the residents. Also, as houses are bought up and turned into this purpose it raises the price of homes in the area because now the homes are seen as cash cows. And as such this can price local people out of the housing market.

A lot of folks don’t know that Venice, Italy has seen what these practices have wrought. Did you know that most people who work in Venice don’t live there any more because they can no longer afford it? That you can no longer ride a gondola a night because the gondoliers have to take the last taxi boat out of Venice to get home before it gets dark? That is how these short term rentals can alter the populace and destroy the unique character of a place.

Mayor Landrieu is all-in for this, because his eyes are on the prize of more revenue from taxes. And some politicians say, “well, we have to legalize it so we can monitor and police it.” Really? Sounds like Nancy Pelosi telling us we have to “pass Obamacare so we can see what’s in it.” The city can’t monitor and police all the problems it already has. How stupid do these people think we are?

Anyway, The Simpsons actor/comedian Harry Shearer who lives in Da Quartah has a few choice words to say at a recent event of the New Orleans Planning Commission.

Actor/comedian Harry Shearer speaking against New Orleans short term rentals

The planning commission voted against these whole house short term rentals. And now it goes to the city council which does not always heed the advice, and I should say, warnings that the planning commission recommends.

I’m all for neighborhoods trying to maintain their integrity and character. I don’t think short-term rentals in New Orleans are the way to go.

Well, we’ll see what happens. This is, as they say, a hot-button issue in the city right now.

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