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Spring Cool in New Orleans


When looking through the weather section of an almanac I always see the word “seasonable” and wonder what it means. Of course I could go to a dictionary but that would be too easy. So I figure that seasonable means changeable or typical for the season.

So we’ve had some typical New Orleans-type weather over the last few days: fairly warm one day, almost enough for air conditioning, then the next day cool, maybe cold, and windy. I’m not one for AC so I like it when we have days like this. I’ve been with the windows and doors open for the last week. My mom, who is 95, likes the outside air too. It cuts down on the electric bill and after all much of her life was lived without the cooling monster.   But now it’s been chilly enough to keep windows and doors closed.

We have cousins in town for a family reunion from the four corners of the country and I know they came expecting  warm weather. Well, they got some of that at the start but thank God they brought some warmer clothes because the day after they got here the temperature dropped.

For a few years when I was growing up we’d rent a house in Pass Christian right on the beach for the Easter week. I remember how cool the air would be especially at night and especially so close to the gulf. Even though the weather was usually very clear as it is now with bright sunny days and blue skies there was not much opportunity to sun bathe and even less to go in the water.

The house and that whole neighborhood of beach houses is gone flattened by several years battering of intense hurricanes. Now all that stands are scrub trees and a few bits of rubble. You can’t even tell there were houses or that anyone ever lived there.

This weekend promises to bring some warmer weather but with the cool nights and dry air of Easter.

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