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The Ancient Air of New Orleans

new orleans oak tree

We are in the early days of Spring in New Orleans which means we get warm and cool weather sometimes on the same day. I like our cooler days mainly because I don’t like to turn on the air conditioner. I don’t care for the cool air blowing all around and the the sound of the compresser outside.

On the cooler days we open the doors and windows allowing the fresh breeze to blow through along with the sounds of the birds, and the traffic on the river. And the sound of the streetcar as it rumbles by only three blocks away. I love the streetcars. There are few things as pleasurable as sitting on the St. Charles streetcar when it’s going full speed with all the windows open as it rattles down the track.

There is a certain Spring smell in the air, a certain kind of perfume given off by the trees, the flowers, and when it rains even the concrete gives off a certain aroma. Today is overcast and mild, the windows and doors are open, the ancient air of the Mississippi permeates every molecule of this place.

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