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What To Do in New Orleans to Stay Safe During the Super Bowl

New Orleans has gotten a lot of press in the past few years about all the crime that we supposedly have here. In a previous post, How Safe is New Orleans,  I talk about these circumstance so you can get a better idea of how crime figures in our community.

What To Do in New Orleans to Stay Safe During the Super Bowl

New Orleans is pretty safe if you know what to do.

New Orleans is pretty safe if you know what to do.

One thing I pointed out in that post was that most of the violent crime happens in Central City and if you are a visitor here chances are you won’t set foot any where near this area.

However, occasionally things do happen in the French Quarter and other areas close by. Mostly crimes of opportunity with thugs preying on unsuspecting tourists. It really pays to just be aware of this and ways to protect yourself and stay safe.

Here are some tips:

1. If you are a woman never walk alone in the Quarter or its environs at night and never carry a purse day or night. This is good advice almost anywhere in any big city in the world.

2. Make sure you walk on streets where there are other people. Of course, you don’t want to be walking down any kind of alley ways and such. This is just asking for trouble.

3. Walk with at least one or two other people at night, preferable at least one of them a male, a big strong male, a big strong intimidating male.

4. If anyone accosts you scream at the top of your lungs.

5. Avoid any suspicious character who asks you the time or directions or anything like that. Also, you may have a character walk up to you all frantic and tell you that his car broke down and he just needs a little money for gas or something, or even money to by formula for their starving infant. This is a scam, and I’ve seen it in Portland, Oregon as well as in New Orleans. Just tell them sorry I can’t help and walk on.

6. A lot of safety has to with attitude. It’s not a good idea to walk down the street with an attitude of fear as you might actually draw what you are afraid of to you. Walk with purpose and confidence.

7. It’s safe to ride on the streetcar pretty much day and night. In my recollection there has never been an incident on a streetcar

8. It’s OK to walk on Canal Street in the Central Business District by yourself and really almost any time of the day or night, there are just too many people around for anyone to bother you.

The key is to just really stay aware of your surroundings. Not a good idea to walk around bombed out of your mind or even mildly inebriated at least not alone. You set yourself up to be taken advantage of.

Just remember to stay in areas where there are people around and you should stay pretty safe. And you’ll have a great time while you are here in New Orleans for the Super Bowl.

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