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25 Great Reasons to Move to New Orleans

If you’ve ever thought about moving to New Orleans, or if you live here maybe you need a reminder of why you came, this cool blog post with great photos, from Movoto spells it all out for you.

 25 Great Reasons to Move to New Orleans

Great music -- one of the man reasons to move to New Orleans.

Great music — one of the many reasons to move to New Orleans.


Matt Muller, who calls himself an aspiring historian, does a great job of touching all the hot and cool aspects of this great American city, from the food, to the music to some unexpected elements.

It’s the kind of thing that makes the Cresecent City not only a great place for visitors, but for those visitors who decide to make New Orleans home.

Here’s an idea of what Matt says at the Movota site:

1. Like the lazy Mississippi, life here goes by slower than most expect.

As soon as you arrive, take a moment to slow down. Mentally and physically. Life moves slower here, sometimes too slow for visitors. What you call sluggishness, we see as normal pace. Whether it’s a late streetcar, a jazz trio coming on stage an hour after schedule, or a chatty bartender taking their dear sweet time, try not to frustrate yourself. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is New Orleans.

2. Locals are everywhere, except Bourbon Street. Get to know them, for they are truly the best tour guides.

Ever heard of Southern Hospitality? Well take that, add some rum, mix it with people, and voila, New Orleans! Don’t be shy. People are friendly here. Ridiculously friendly. Ask a stranger for directions and next thing you know you’re having coffee and beignets together.

You can read the other 23 reasons here. Of course there are many more reasons to move to New Orleans, hundreds in fact. Everyone who lives here has their own list.

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